First TANGO Stat Ed Training


Here is the TANGO Stat Ed training schedule at USCOTS 2015




Kari Lock Morgan ~


- Teaching Conceptual Understanding of Statistics

Beth Chance ~


- Birth of an Activity Overview
- TrafficFatalitiesYears.txt
- CAFatalities.xlsx
- Enders article
- Full Slides ppt


Bob delMas ~


References from Bob's talk - ARTIST, CATALST, Tinkerplots

Bob writes "I misspoke this morning in that it does not appear that a free PDF version of the CATALST textbook is available anymore. However, the materials for the course can be downloaded for free from the Materials link/page at the CATALST project website, and the textbook can be purchased from Amazon for $45 (information on the textbook and a link to Amazon can be found at " "


- List of Articles to Read & Discuss


Michael Posner ~

- Real-World Statistics

- Two Activities,Assessment, and Closing


Monica Dabos ~


- Yellow Notes for Instructors
- Yellow Notes for Students
- Group Cards.doc (from Myra Snell)
- Group Cards.pdf (from Myra Snell)
- Standard Deviation Activity (from Robert delMas)
- How not to be Ignorant of the world (with clickers)
- Dare to Disagree Video and ~Student Journal
- The Joy of stats Video and ~Student Journal