Training a New Generation of Statistics Educators

Training a New Generation of Statistics Educators (TANGO Stat Ed) is designed to assist community college instructors with a desire to improve the teaching of learning of statistics. TANGO Stat Ed creates mentorship communities around the country. The TANGO Stat Ed projects include an NSF-funded grant to support mentorship communities in four regional hubs as well as a Member Initiative from the American Statistical Association to support community college instructors across the United States.


If you are interested in joining the TANGO Stat Ed mentorship program for the 2016-2017 academic year, either as a mentor or a mentee, please complete the following survey:





For more information about the TANGO Stat Ed program, please email either

Michael Posner or Monica Dabos


Pilot 2014: Testimonials


June 2015: First Training


2015 - 2016 ~ Participating Mentors


2015 - 2016 ~ Regional Hubs


National Science Foundation: NSF AWARD




Dr. Monica Graciela Gandini Dabos: PhD Dissertation