Training a New Generation of Statistics Educators

Training a New Generation of Statistics Educators (TANGO Stat Ed) is designed to assist community college instructors with a desire to improve the teaching of learning of statistics. TANGO Stat Ed creates mentorship communities around the country. The TANGO Stat Ed projects include an NSF-funded grant to support mentorship communities in four regional hubs as well as a Member Initiative from the American Statistical Association to support community college instructors across the United States.

If you are interested in joining the TANGO Stat Ed mentorship program for the 2016-2017 academic year, either as a mentor or a mentee, please complete the following survey: Here

For more information about the TANGO Stat Ed program, please email either

Michael Posner or Monica Dabos


Pilot 2014: Testimonials



Mentee testimonials from College of the Canyons Pilot program

“For the school year 2014-2015, I have participated as a mentee in statistics mentorship program sponsored by College of the Canyons and whose coordinator is Dr. Monica Dabos. In a phrase, my experience being a mentee in the mentor program is I loved it!  My mentor is Dr. Roxy Peck. Dr. Peck has been invaluable mentor. I do not have a degree in statistics, although I have been teaching introductory statistics classes for 8 years. Dr. Peck answers my questions regarding best teaching practices for teaching introductory statistics as well as clarifies and deepens my knowledge of statistics. Roxy has been patient, most knowledgeable and kind to me. Additionally, I am continuing my being a mentee for the academic year. I highly recommend any community college instructor to participate in mentorship program.”

-Ralph (Randy) Ades
Adjunct Mathematics Instructor
Los Angeles Mission College, and Antelope Valley College, and College of the Canyons


“My conversations with Jessica Utts have been invaluable in shaping and refining my teaching practice. During each meeting, she shared insightful articles and resources to strengthen my understanding of the most important topics in my pre-statistics and statistics courses.  Jessica has been instrumental in helping me navigate my own interest in statistical literacy issues and determine how to best address them.  With her guidance, I have developed more meaningful and relevant discussions, assignments and group projects for my students.  I truly appreciate the time that Jessica has spent with me and our wonderful discussions throughout the semester.”

-Kathy Kubo,
College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita, CA

“The TANGO mentor program pairs statistics teachers like me with fabulous statistics educators from across the country.  I am so blessed to be mentored by Stacey Hancock at UC Irvine.  She has helped me understand difficult concepts that are difficult to teach and has given me helpful feedback and incite about the state of statistics education nationally.  Not only are my statistics classes much improved, but I feel more comfortable training other staff and faculty in statistics.” 

-Matt Teachout,
Statistics Instructor, College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita, CA








 “It has been a privilege and a delight to work with Dr. Roxy Peck as my mentor.  Her ability to explain nuanced concepts with an economy of words speaks to her profound understanding as well as her remarkable ability to communicate in both written and spoken word. In addition to answering specific questions on statistical concepts, Dr. Peck also has the ability to use each detail as part of creating the overall scheme that statistics is a different way to understand the world around us.

A partial list of topics that Dr. Peck and I have explored include: different types of variability, students difficulty with reading statistics texts, when to use which statistical test, exploratory data analysis, projects, exams, statistical literacy, finding good data sets, and the process of moving from activity idea to writing it up for use in the classroom. Dialoging with Dr. Peck has given me a more profound understanding involving intentional planning focused on the student experience of learning statistics. My future students owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Peck!”

-Joe Gerda,
Dean of Math and Science, College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita, CA

“As a mentee, I have had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of statistical concepts that directly connect with the classes I currently teach. With the guidance of my mentor, I incorporated new group assignments that allowed my students to explore concepts and gain a more meaningful understanding of the material.  My students become the main beneficiaries as my knowledge increases in this field. I look forward to continuing this experience next year and to gain additional insight in teaching and understanding statistics. Thanks Anna!”

-Claudia Reyes
Los Angeles Mission Community College, Los Angles CA, and College of the Canyons

“It has been a great experience being part of TANGO and being able to have such amazing mentors to turn to for questions and ideas. Through face-to-face meetings, Skypes and emails, my increased knowledge and understanding of statistics have been of great benefit to my students.”

-Dustin Silva,
College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita, CA

“It’s been great to be able to be comfortable with my mentor so I can ask questions that I don’t have answers for or that I don’t have time to research on my own. It’s like having a fast forward button on my understanding!”

-Ambika Silva
El Camino College, Alondra Park, CA





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