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Students Letters


" You have an ability to conceptualize and build bridges for others to understand the concepts in their own way."(Luke)

*Just thought I'd take a moment to deliver a well-deserved compliment...

You are a fantastic instructor! When I look back on my college years, you definitely stand out among the rest. The majority of math teachers I've had very much understood the concepts themselves, but sadly did not understand why their students did not understand. You have an ability to conceptualize and build bridges for others to understand the concepts in their own way.

Not only were you great in the classroom, but I recall you spending almost every last bit of what WOULD be free time tutoring your students one on one. This is SO valuable, especially in mathematics, as it can be difficult for many students to understand everything within the context of the classroom.

Last, and certainly not least, you are compassionate. When I began experiencing heart trouble (atrial flutter), and was a nervous wreck, you were understanding and kind to me-- at a time when I was afraid and vulnerable. Too often, professors are rigid and inflexible, and seem to always be on guard against being taken advantage of. You did not share this form of insecurity. Instead, you were generally concerned for me and helpful. You even met me at the library at UCSB when I was no longer your student. There was absolutely nothing in that for you, it was a sacrifice that was only about helping me.

You really are the consummate, perfect instructor. You care deeply, are generous with your time, and are very skilled in the art of instruction. I have never known anyone who could blend so many skills; They coalesced to form the most competent instructor I've had the privilege of knowing. It never seemed like teaching was something you fell into just because you could. Instead, it was as though you were born to do it!

I had to seize this opportunity to give someone a well-deserved compliment, without being suspected of "sucking-up." You have no more grades to give me, but I want you to know, I am giving you an A+ and if I could, I would give you a better grade than that. You really made a difference in my life and touched my heart.


* I am writing to you to let you know just how much I appreciated and enjoyed having you as a teacher this past semester. You were a source of inspiration for me as well as a teacher and friend. You guided me through the class towards success and I never looked back. This was the first time I have ever excelled in a math class and I believe that was due to your outstanding teaching. I have taken statistics in the past, and I have failed miserably. When I took your class, I found your teaching style much more relevant and effective and I was able to finish the class with an A!! I really looked forward to coming to math 117 every week because every time I left that class, I felt good about myself. Your class helped me to find myself as a student and I want to thank you for such a good experience! Hope to stay in touch, and I hope you have enjoyed the Holidays and the long Winter break.
Best Regards,




"I'm sad you won't be at SBCC any more because you're a great teacher and I was going to recommend you to all my friends, but your new job sounds amazing and a great opportunity so I wish you all the best!

Even though I didn't talk much in class I really really enjoyed it! I was hesitant about taking stats in the beginning, but you're a great teacher and even made me enjoy stats and have fun with it. Plus everyone in the class was very warm and helpful and I feel we all worked well together. Also I never got to tell you but my grandpa is from Argentina as well! We still have family there too. Plus I had a math teacher in high school who was a monk as well! HahaAnyway I just thought I would respond to your nice email and say thank you for always being great and lively in class and being such a good teacher :) I hope your new job is amazing and you continue to help others enjoy stats as I did!"

Dakota Begg


Monica, I dont know if you would remember me but I took your Math 140 class 2 years ago. My name is Madison Ls, I was on the women's golf team, and since then has transferred to Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio on a full ride golf scholarship. As a journalism major, math is NOT my strong suit. Before taking your class I had taken the same class with an adjunct professor at COC. I failed every test, I was completely clueless at every lecture, and dropped it a little too late and ended up with a W. You were the greatest professor I could have had after that bad experience because you were the complete opposite. Not only did I feel so much better about my skills with statistics, you made the class fun and I looked forward to going to class. It was no longer just another mandatory general education requirement to get out of the way. Two years is a long time and I'm sorry for sending this to you so late, but I really appreciate the way you teach, and I hope other students feel the same way. I wouldn't have been able to graduate in four years (I graduate this May!), let alone get a scholarship if it weren't for you and that class. I hope you are doing well and I hope you are still going strong with your salsa(?) dancing (I don't quite remember what kind it was). Thank you. So much!! Sincerely,


~Madison Lomas~

August 27, 2015


Old Evaluations

Students generally comment positively on my class presentation, organization, fairness, and availability. Some of the negative comments are that my hand writing is not very clear, which is why I use transparencies and power point presentation in my lectures. I have included various samples of comments below.

Comments from the Introductory Statistics

“She prepares us well –gives us a lots of visual aids and time to work on problems and ask questions. The amount of homework she gives is not intimidating or excessive but useful. Her sense of humor makes this class enjoyable—not an adjective I usually use to describe a math class. She admits she is still learning English & encourages us to help her & point out mistakes. She says we are learning new language together—us—the language of math, her, English.”

“Well she’s very enthusiastic and makes an otherwise boring class pretty funny. She’s very clear on what to study for test/exams/quizzes, which is very refreshing.”

“She is more interested in the students learning and understanding the material instead of just a letter grade. She is thorough w/ the material and makes sure we understand it before moving to new chapters. Plus she doesn’t make it awkward to ask questions.”

“Although she as an strong accent, she has an intelligent English vocabulary. She express herself well. Her ability to laugh at herself puts us all at easy. I would enjoy taking more classes from Ms. Dabos in the future.”

“She makes each student think very hard for themselves before she will give an answer. The students must analyze there own questions and often answer it with little help from the teacher.”

“She has made herself very available during class and outside class. Includes many real-life examples and allows us to participate in activities that demonstrate these mathematical principles. Her bright and cheery personality is also appreciated. Good sense of humor.”

“Monica is very enthusiastic about her subject and does not leave students behind. She is intuitive about when students are “getting it” or not”.

“Monica has demonstrated an excellent knowledge of her expertise in Statistics, and always encourages us to think independently, but is always willing to help.”

“She really puts out an effort to make herself accessible to students.. i.e., encouraging us to visit her during office hours. She also has a wonderful sense of humor that makes class more enjoyable.”

“ I feel that my instructor has done a great job in dealing with students. She is always open for questions and is always willing to admit that she does sometimes make mistakes. She has a great energy about her and this shows when she teaches because she is so encouraging.”

Comments from Math 107 Intermediate Algebra

I hate math and in my senior year at h.s. , I was there for about 3 months- total. Ms. Dabos make me want to come to class, she’s funny. Haven’t miss a class yet.”

“being friendly, non-judgmental, and explaining clearly what the assignment is,as well as, allowing us to work on homework while she walks the room and ask questions.”

“I think that she really goes out of her time to help anyone that would include meeting outside of class & office hours, which lets each student know she is there to help not just to teach a lesson. That way them two could go deep into the lesson.”

“ She takes her time to show us the math problems. We get time in class to work independently on work and she is there to help us out with any questions. She is vey very nice and is always willing to help students on their work. She is one of the best teachers I have had at SBCC in the math department since I’ve been here for 4 years.”

Comments from Introductory Statistic course at UCSB as Teaching Assistant (2000-2003)

“Without Monica’s help the material learned in class would make no sense.”

“Comfortable environment to ask questions and get help. Very helpful in explaining info to us to have a good understanding.”

“If it was not for Monica’s excellent knowledge of the material and her offering of extended help I would not be passing this class. She is the best TA ever.”

“She was very enthusiastic which made it more interesting to learn. She was also very good with the explanations of how to solve problems.”

“You are a great TA and the only reason I made it through the class.”

“I felt that she did a great job in trying to be enthusiastic with the material. She tried really hard to allow to learn the material.”